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Fashion + Architecture

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We are currently exhibiting at the 13th Architecture Biennale and are shortlisted for Housing Architect of the Year. 'True originals who are creating some of the most striking and different contemporary architecture' Financial Times. 'Utterly unique There is no-one else in the world making buildings that look like FAT’s' Icon. Fashion and architecture have many connections: they both aim to "make" shelter for the human being and reflect our taste. In this concept, it is widely accepted that fashion and architecture relation started with the earliest men who used the same material for their clothing and for housing/shelter. Скульптура, промышленный дизайн, архитектура, мода — всё это смежные территории, на стыке которых работали культовые кутюрье на протяжении XX века: Чарльз Джеймс, Кристиан Диор, Пако Рабанн, Кристобаль Баленсиага.  Это видно по выпускным работам Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, Royal College of Art. Кристиану Диору, несмотря на тяжесть и неудобство конструкций его вещей, в е всё же удалось совершить революцию. Fashion Architecture Taste or FAT is an art and architecture collaborative that first established itself in the s in London, England. Their work falls broadly under the postmodern category with pop-culture influences. The group has been described as "very young" and "very controversial" and have a cult following. Over recent years they have developed a large body of critically acclaimed built work in the UK and abroad. In December , the group announced a planned breakup. Typically replies within a day. Contact Architecture & Fashion Design on Messenger. Magazine. Cosmo Online. Мода. Не новости. GettyImages. Наталия Бессонова. Что общего у Тома Форда, Рафа Симмонса, Пьера Бальмана, Пьера Кардена и Джанни Версаче? Все они — не только модельеры, но и архитекторы. И в этом нет ничего случайного. Монументальный стиль: почему мода копирует архитектуру. Тенденции. Слом парадигм: почему модные правила Коко Шанель больше не работают. Тенденции. Уроки стиля от супермоделей: как выглядеть круто, выходя за хлебом?. 🇨🇭The first platform to sell only #architecturalwearable worldwide 🌎🌍🌏 #weararchitecture. Be the first to know Stay tuned with Architecture In Fashion news by signing up to our newsletter. Please enter your email correctly. Your email has been successfully registered. #ArchitectureInFashion. In Instagram. Join Now. Who we are. This work by Fashion Architect is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works Greece License. Disclosure. Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog may yield commissions for 4. Fashion is Architecture Architecture and fashion have a lot in common, both, designer and architect use geometry to generate forms, they create structure, design lines and shapes. • As Coco Chanel said: “Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportion.” • That fashion and architecture have a great deal in common may be surprising given the obvious differences between the two. •.